some additional information

  • There is no entry fee or application form, you just put your entry in the mail.
  • Prizes are set at 125, 100, and 75 EUROS (or dollar equivalent).
  • Some of the postcards will definitely be displayed at the Emporium on Gay Street in Knoxville, Tennessee during November 2020. I already have a show lined up and will divert some of my space for displaying about 30 cards and explaining the contest.
  • All of the postcards can be displayed at the same venue in November 2021, when I have another show lined up with more wall space, but we are also exploring other venues.
  • No postcards will be returned and all become the property of IAPMA and / or We would like to display the cards in other venues, and ultimately archive them at some appropriate place. Any money raised by this contest will be used to benefit IAPMA.
  • Your postcard will always show your information and my information with nothing blanked out. All postcards will have a small number sticker attached to front and back for identification purposes.
  • When you mail in a submission, you are agreeing to all the contest rules and agree to hold IAPMA,, and blameless for any damages or injuries. We are also not responsible for mail delays or damage. Postcards will be displayed as received.